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date September 3, 2018
views 210
There is a competition between Alibaba and IBM on the point who will file the highest quantity of blockchain patents by a certain date, reports ...
date August 31, 2018
views 209
In the press release British banking service Standart Chartered announced its work on the blockchain based project with implemented technology of R3 Corda. Company announced ...
date August 28, 2018
views 272
Tuesday, August 28 most of the cryptocurrency markets have recovered momentarily when Bitcoin (BTC) price exceeds $7000 and almost all top hundred cryptocurrencies except for ...
date August 24, 2018
views 174
The World Bank and the CBA, the country's large-scale bank, extradite public debenture stock exceptionally on blockchain technologies, it became known from the Reuters on ...
date August 24, 2018
views 291
Canadian Pornhub declared a cooperation with the payment of crypto currency & the PumaPay launch to include users’ payments in crypto distributions, according to tweet ...