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date June 20, 2019
views 1119
Smart Contracts explained for Beginners. Smart contact is no new invention, but an ancient discovery by Nick Szabo, a prominent computer scientist, and cryptographer, who ...
date January 2, 2019
views 440
On December 21, one of the founders of cryptocoin Ethereum Joseph Lubin tweeted that he was “calling the cryptobottom of 2018”. Lubin says that both ...
date December 28, 2018
views 383
The founder of cryptocoin Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, made a recent donation of $300,000 to 3 blockchain startups. His donation was made in his crypto coin ...
date December 8, 2018
views 413
According to the Reuters report, ErisX cryptocurrency exchange has recently received over $27 million from such ventures as Nasdaq and Fidelity Investments. Nasdaq takes the ...
date September 24, 2018
views 366
Enigma, the company that wants to make public blockchains more private, postpones the release of Ethereum Mainnet that must have been a stage of their ...
date September 1, 2018
views 395
The world of cryptology has curtailed the cool news. It has become a valuable innovation in providing quality services in this area. This is really ...