The simple and a must-read for Beginners on how to sell Bitcoin. So you have recently accumulated a significant number of BTC or any amount of BTC and now you are wondering what else you can do to with it, sell it? Maybe, well, that’s an option. Are you expecting to trade off some extra […]

By - June 20, 2019

The simple and a must-read for Beginners on how to sell Bitcoin.

So you have recently accumulated a significant number of BTC or any amount of BTC and now you are wondering what else you can do to with it, sell it? Maybe, well, that’s an option.
Are you expecting to trade off some extra BTC or You want to fade out your wallet for another currency be it a digital currency or fiat currency here is the simpleness in the how?
One way you can dissolve BTC Is through the exchange, but when many hear of the word exchange, they are much frightened because of the risk involved. It revolves around the market analysis and other trade-related indicators, today ill lay down the simplest ways even for one that is green about the whole phenomenon on how to be successful.

Simple ways of How to Sell Bitcoin.

Today BTC has become a store of value or more so an asset since its one of the most successful digital asset. Later on, an accumulation of the BTC which one might necessitate modifying to a currency of convenience in the most efficient and hustle free way possible
Who buys BTC or who sells BTC? These inquiries are often demanded by different people and yet They are the answers. The BTC buyers buy BTC and the BTC sellers sell BTC! Easy peasy.

How easy it is to sell BTC.

I’m sure we are all well conversant with the idea of acquiring BTC, well, I have my doubts, if you don’t, it’s not a crime check out how to buy BTC in 2019 I’m sure then you will be up to speed.
The idea of selling is very simple I’m 100peecent sure we have all sold something in our lifetimes directly or indirectly and the process of selling involves two parties a buyer and a seller, let’s you are looking to sell BTC for USD because the dollar has surprisingly Increased in value, one way you can do this which is also very common, is through the exchange. Even so, what you require to recognize is when to and when not to sell BTC, when there are drastic changes in the market many rush to sell or purchase.
The trick is not to do what everyone is doing, that’s just a basic I won’t dive deep into the pool of trading I’ll leave that for the fish in the industry, back to the exchange!

Selling BTC using the exchange.

Ironically, virtually all the platforms, offering Bitcoin for buying also concurrently provide selling services for BTC.

Each and every exchange-listed offers both alternatives of buying and selling so if you initially acquired your BTC on an exchange x it would be best if you still used the same program for trading unless it doesn’t fit your preference. You might be pondering; Can I carry out transactions on any exchange? Well, the answer is, that depends on what kind of holder you are; a small investor trader or an institution.

One of the most profound and highly recommended platforms is coinbase it’s nevertheless important to know other exchange platforms that are suitable for oneself, obviously this isn’t the only one.


Image of bitstamp exchange platform

Gemini and GDAX have traction on the exchange of louring institutional investors and that is their strong suit. For retailing traders, there is a list to pick from such as

This actually is the first step to get into the exchange, identify the suitable platform for you to carry out your transactions and set up an account. The process of setting up an account is a complete cliché but there are various steps you might have to omit or comply with depending on your Geo location this is so because of different regulations regarding Know Your Customer

Secondly, you will require to create a billfold, which you will then link to your depository financial institution account for convenient transport of funds back and forward. Getting a wallet is no hustle some of the available wallets include, amongst others. When all this is done the rest is merely a walkway down the block, below are some of the general procedures you will involve despite the exchange you are using.

  1. Click the “Sell” option of the exchange.
  2. Narrow down the wallet from which you intend to sell bitcoins and the sum of money you wish to put up for sale.
  3. Choose where you desire your money deposited to; often this is a bank account, you already linked to the wallet when you first signed up.
  4. Confirm your information before setting the sell order.

The time it will hold for the funds to find their way to your bank account will depend on how long it takes for a sale to go through and how busy the exchange is when processing


How to sell Bitcoin for cash?

Today Bitcoin is in circulation, more opportunities are being opened up for BTC holders to not only use the currency to store value, and hold prestige, but also trade it on the exchange for different assets or currencies.

It’s true to assert that digital currencies are spreading like a plague, but the infrastructure is not moving at the same speed this could be due to the various laws, negotiations and political propaganda standing in its way, however, in those areas not covered with resources like Bitcoin ATMs can opt for these means of acquiring Cash for BTC

Through LocalBitcoins

For those of you expecting to sell your coins right away for physical cash, LocalBitcoins may be a safer result. It is a p2p trading site where people can send their own bids for purchasing and selling Bitcoins for USD or other fiat currencies.

They provide a guaranteed service, characterized by quick transactions provided both parties have sufficient funds in their accounts. To add to this, it’s convenient for both parties can disclose information and meet each other in person to convey the transaction offline.

Other sites do provide these Bitcoin cash transactions including;


A renown and reputable peer to peer application that connects sellers to buyers for the purpose of to easily exchange bitcoin, accepting more than 300 different payment methods. And calls for a fee of only 1% of the transaction total.

To ensure that security is paramount Paxful has solid security measures in place to safeguard the bitcoins in one’s wallet, amongst these are SMS verification, 2-factor authentication, security questions, and heavily-encrypted servers.

Bitcoin ATM.

If you are in a rush and want to sell coins at once, then BitCoin ATM would be your best choice.

Bitcoin ATM is one of the quickest ways to cash out. How first these transactions are depending on the version being used some take as much as 15 seconds to complete a transaction. They can be located with the help of coinatmradar.


But of course, at this time when the whole world is chanting digital currencies and Bitcoin at the top of their voices, there are strategic corn men all over the internet that are laying down means of profiting from those unaware and desperate to make ends meet as far as buying and selling BTC is concerned. Well, as the saying goes a thief has only 40 days. We are all looking forward to creating a self-suitable currency that will benefit not only a fraction but a whole of the world’s economy so here I bring to you the most authentic ways you can sell bitcoin in 2019

Peer to Peer exchange.

This is another alternative for more skeptical and conscious persons that might not entirely trust the system. With this direct transaction since it is carried out on the exchange its imminent that one creates an account which should be thoroughly verified to acknowledge your identity. Afterward, you can put a sell order of the BTC that you are willing to sell until a potential buyer agrees upon the price you have displayed the money is paid and in return, the BTC is sent which brings the business to a close.

Bitcoin gift cards

This is the most generous and yet unique way of sharing Bitcoins amongst our close ones and those we celebrate. For those on the receiving end of the Bitcoin gift cards, they can exchange on sites like cryptovoucher.ioer which provide both selling and buying services for gift cards. One can always go ahead to claim the cash that is worth the gift card they are holding depending on the current exchange at the time of transaction.


Now you can confidently make a resolution to sell off your Bitcoins in the right way minus having second thoughts.

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