Is it too late to invest in Bitcoin?

5 Reasons you should Invest in Crypto in 2019 Tim Draper a billionaire and digital currency enthusiast in 2017 speculated that the price of Bitcoin will hit $25000 Some of the largest exchanges in the world are creating room for digital currencies to be traded, for example, NASDAQ amongst others contributed to the financial support […]

By - June 20, 2019

5 Reasons you should Invest in Crypto in 2019

Tim Draper a billionaire and digital currency enthusiast in 2017 speculated that the price of Bitcoin will hit $25000

Some of the largest exchanges in the world are creating room for digital currencies to be traded, for example, NASDAQ amongst others contributed to the financial support of a cryptocurrency exchange called Erisk up to a sum of $27.5 meg.

These are but a tip of the iceberg of what developments are occurring in the crypto world every single second that passes by.

Is it too late!

This is the time when many should be adherent to change and for as much as many might not take notice, they have been witnesses to the shifts in civilization over the years, brief recap, towards the end of the 1990s the ardent phenomenon of Information technology had the world dazzled and boxed up, then there came the internet that gave mandate for elementary mobility, before we could wrap our heads around it, the paradigm shift of data mining and technology came to play. Today economic intellectuals are debating on how much time the biggest financial institutions “Banks”, have left before the wind of change powered by digital currencies that were initiated in 2008 by an anonymous person under the name Satoshi Nakamoto takes over the world monetary system.

Cryptocurrency market prediction.

Granting to the current speculations that Bitcoin will be everywhere in the not so remote future in reference to cryptocurrency enthusiast and billionaire Tim Draper who stated in his Facebook discussions that

‘I never make Bitcoin predictions in the short term because, short term, anything can happen. People can manipulate the price. It moves up, moves down depending on big customers coming in to buy or big owners coming in to sell. It will move up and down, and if you’re investing in the short term you’re making a mistake’

This is reassuring considering many have recently jumped to conclusions and many times misguided the market by getting ahead of themselves. After the sudden decline of bitcoins price in 2017 by over $3000 together with the false starts the market portrayed during the course of 2018, Bitcoin has started to surge back recording 100% since the beginning of 2019 which shows marks of another crazy bullish market yet to materialize

Is it too late to buy bitcoin? Is it?

Many might decide to refer to bitcoin as a networking platform. Going farther back, many have had their fair share of the fatalistic network marketing in the past and the whole speculative business isn’t their thing anymore. Bitcoin is, however, a whole different entity, and it has been made vividly clear over time and it has got its strong reputation. So if you did not have an interest then and you have an interest now brace yourself, it’s not too late to invest in Bitcoin.

The current price of 1BTC is $7906. 29 it’s expected to reach $25000 or even $50000 and the better news is that it doesn’t have any limit, it is going to continue growing in value because many big investors are opting for Bitcoins because of its capability to store and transfer value. Big players are also developing interest and will also join in the long run so it’s not too late it actually is never too late.

What is Bitcoin as a digital currency?

Let I try to paint a picture for you, imagine having a currency that is not regulated by any institution, that might for some reasons regulate its existence for personal interests, imagine having a currency that is accepted worldwide and you do not have to worry about change in value when you travel, picture creating one global market supported by an ever-growing currency in value and having no discrimination of who can pose it.

The ability to fund projects all over the world and share resources on a decentralized platform, I could go on building castles in the sky but truth be told the possibilities are endless. For those still in doubt about all this, I suggest you watch the space.

The world is going digital and so is the currency!


5Reasons to invest in Crypto this 2019

It shouldn’t be news anymore that rumors are spreading, large investors are holding meeting day in day out, CEOs of multi-billion companies are making statements in the press and so on and so forth. I did mention that digital currency was the wind of change, it has gotten all investors out of their rocking chairs and to the streets looking for ways of jumping onto the train so that they aren’t left behind. In an article published recently reports suggested that the great names involved in digital currencies such as Elon Musk, the founder of Tesler and SpaceX called bitcoin ‘brilliant’, and surprisingly its now that one of the biggest stock exchanges in the globe, NASDAQ has of April 2019 added Brave new coin, XPR on its global listing at the exchange this shows that the market is just growing and creating more chances to endow.

Cryptocurrency is only an infant and has more time to grow

The current face of cryptocurrency is currently Bitcoin since it’s the one largely known to many although there exist various other currencies that have been created since Bitcoin like ETH XRP LTC which have managed to get up and attain a significant value and are also listed on the exchange.

With the total number of cryptocurrencies and digital assets on exchanges skyrocketing from 617 to 1,335 over the course of the year, 2017 was dubbed the “year of the cryptocurrency”. The numbers are, however, increasing and digital assets are expected to crowd the exchange in the next couple of years.

Block chain platforms have a great deal of study to do regarding user optimization to enhance everyday usage, for instance, Bitcoin requires the Lightning Network to better handle high transaction loads.

Unstoppable Revolution

The journey to digitizing the world economy took course in 2008 and tested using the block chain structure in 2009, its only evident that it is not changing its course of direction any time soon but aiming for the skies. After Bitcoin other currencies have been created such as ETH, Litecoin, EOS, etc all which have an accumulated value greater than they had at the time of inception into the market.

Today, over 1000 digital currencies exist and any of them could be the one to rule the market as time moves along.


It’s an unmatched store of value

Cryptocurrencies to most are just a thing that has happened during the course of life thanks to some very good programmers. But little do they know there is more to it than just the code on Github, many people prevailing In economies that are miles away from the poverty line forget that there are ailing economies that almost have no value bound to their currencies, in this case, Zimbabwe which does not have a standard currency, the consequences of this are that the purchasing power is lowered by a huge margin, in turn, it creates a storm of poverty on the individuals relying on this economy. Countries like Venezuela can also benefit from this digital currency due to their economic recession that began in 2014 and the state is currently facing an inflation rate estimated at 80,000%.

In an interview with Bloomberg Lou kernner a founding member of crypto oracle stated that Bitcoin has the potential of replacing gold as a store of value and that its actual impacts will only be seen after a period of 20 years. With the possibilities of this happening, we can look forward to reviving the fallen economies over the world.

Easy crowdfunding.

Today when companies are starting they go through the Crowdfunding by using initial coin offering a principle adopted from buying shares of companies. This method of crowdfunding has been experienced all over all varieties of manufactures

The ICO campaigns collect cryptocurrencies so as to start business and also take in digital currencies to provide  their product in the same way many BTC ATMs are being set up to easily convert ones digital currency to a trusted currency, with all these happenings its evident that the utilization and acceptance of digital currencies is going more and more acceptable in several companies and regimes.

The Australian government has recently designed a national blockchain strategy and road map to achieve their tech advancement goals in the near future, this was announced by the Minister of Industry science and technology The Hon Karen Andrews. In a presser Simon Birmingham a member of the Australian Senate stated that Australia was already developing blockchain tools for a wide range of industries, including agriculture, fintech, resources, and services.

Decentralized storage and distribution of money.

The blockchain system gives the capability to store one’s funds in a secure way and all the transactions under smart contracts and in blocks that cannot be revised, this is the highest form of transparency which can bring people to trust electronic transfers which are much safer faster and reliable

Where the current standard financial institutions are susceptible to closure or theft, the blockchain has no room for such trouble and guarantees maximum safety of your assets which can be accessed to you at any time. Data in the decentralized platform van neither be forged or deleted this enables the provision of accountability to the holders.

If you are having second thoughts about investing it is high ti,e you dropped them because the time is now.

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