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Posts with tag: Adoption

date February 4, 2019
views 258
Cryptocurrency ‘Aber’ developed by UAE and Saudi Arabia cannot select banks at start The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have partnered to create one ...
date January 22, 2019
views 212
KodakONE has developed a platform that protects image rights on the basis of the blockchain tech. The license for this project was given by Kodak, ...
date December 30, 2018
views 208
According to Rambler report made on December 21, the creation of cryptocurrency backed by a Eurasian Economic Union seems inevitable because of the US sanctions ...
date December 27, 2018
views 181
According to the report of Atlantic Council, Iranian population was not scared by US sanctions that led to fluctuations in the state currency as well ...
date August 24, 2018
views 258
Canadian Pornhub declared a cooperation with the payment of crypto currency & the PumaPay launch to include users’ payments in crypto distributions, according to tweet ...